Recent News

Ron Feuer is currently the Musical Director for “America’s Got Talent.” He is also composing music for Discovery Channel’s “The Devils Ride,” CW’s “The Catalina,” TruTV’s “Hardcore Pawn” & “Bear Swamp Recovery,”

I’ve been writing cues like crazy for these shows. I understand why they call them reality shows, because they re-ality need tons of music.”

Feuer has a new Horror Feature Film, “Mother’s Day,” currently in postproduction. His last horror feature, “The Kiss,” won 3 West Hollywood International Film Festival Awards – ‘Best Horror Movie,’ ‘Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking’ and ‘Best Supporting Actor.’ The film also won, ‘Best Horror Film,’ at the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival. (“The Kiss” is currently distributed by Invincible Pictures.)

“I had a great time creating and producing this feature. There’s nothing more fun and creative then coming up with ways to make a B-Horror Vampire movie come to life; and the icing on the cake was getting to compose all the music with a Spanish feel. I hope it helps scare the sh%@&%t out of you or maybe make ya laugh a little. I guess all those Charo records I worked on will finally pay off.”

“The Kiss” was also a big hit in Arrowhead Film Festival.

“We were told that in the 10 years that the festival has been around, we sold more tickets to our little horror film than any other film in the history of the festival.”

Feuer received a music/composer award from BMI for “Scott Baio’s 45 & Single” and “Scott Baio is 46 & Pregnant.” Here is a link to the red carpet interview:

“This was at first, ‘hmm … another tux gig!?’; oh well, I didn’t mind this one so much. The only problem was me shakin’ in my shoes walking up on stage in front of all those TV & film composers to receive the award.”

Feuer recently started a new Independent film, Silverscream Productions, & a production company, Mar*Val*Les Films; and in addition to all of this, he is still touring with The 5th Dimension. Can you say frequent flyer miles?